COVID-19: Recovered police commandos to donate blood plasma

KARACHI: DIG Police Maqsood Memon Wednesday called on renowned haematologist Dr Tahir Shamsi to supply donation of plasma of police commandos recovered from COVID-19, ARY News reported.

The police officials who have recovered from the coronavirus were also accompanied with DIG (Operations) Maqsood Memon within the meeting.

Twenty Special Security Unit (SSU) commandos of Sindh Police who have recovered from the coronavirus have opted to donate their plasma , the DIG informed Dr. Shamsi.

Initially, the primary batch of eight police commandos will donate their plasma , DIG said. All police commandos, who have recovered from coronavirus, will donate their plasma, he said.

Plasma therapy boosts chances of revovery in coronavirus patients by 80 percent.

Dr. Shamsi within the meeting said that 120 patients are infused plasma thus far , and 80 percent of them have recovered to health.

He informed cops that treatment of coronavirus patients with plasma has been underway altogether four provinces of Pakistan.

Sindh Health Minister Dr. Azra Fazl Pechuhu earlier said that passive immunization has yielded positive results.

Sindh transfusion Authority (SBTA) recently urged patients who have recovered from coronavirus to return forward and help the doctors by donating their plasma .

Clinical trials of the method is being administered under the supervision of Sindh transfusion Authority within the province.

Dr Tahir Shamsi, who had suggested the treatment of coronavirus patients through passive immunisation, has earlier said that only a few patients who regained health are coming, to donate their plasma to save lots of the patients.

He had assured that plasma donation to COVID-19 patients was safe and secure procedure because the donors need to undergo multiple checks before donating their plasma .

Dr Shamsi said that plasma donation was so safe that an individual who had donate his or her plasma earlier could again donate it after three weeks without feeling any weakness.

It is pertinent to say here that plasma therapy for the treatment of coronavirus patients initiated at the hospitals on May 10 after the govt allowed to hold out clinical trials of passive immunisation process.

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